Mission Statement

It often helps, even if one has the idea firmly in their mind, for a person to write out the intent of a site or a project, so that one can codify and clarify what it is that people should expect from the enterprise going forward.
I have so many different coals in the fire that sometimes it is as difficult for me to keep track of things as it is for others to follow everything I do – I am in the process of creating some kind of informational hub, called Headspace Unique, that remedies this.
So, this here, what to expect of it? Well, I was thinking that anything biographical in nature, and possibly the primarily non-fiction work would be corralled under the umbrella of this site, and it would provide some kind of resource where those interested might be able to dig into, and find out, information about me and my opinions, that might cast some light on the other work that I am doing. Obviously, there is no guarantee of that, but I would hope that the quality here is commensurate with the quality I hope you have experienced elsewhere.
So – to provide biographical data and to elucidate, if and where possible, upon the conundrum of me. Possibly no puzzle at all, but hey, you sometimes like to elevate the mythos that you are building around and about yourself.